65 Million Will Travel for Christmas

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's shaping up to be a busy week on the roads and in the air.

AAA predicts 65-million people will be going somewhere for Christmas, more than 52 million by car and 8 million by air.

People are already hitting the roads and the skies for the holidays and triple a officials say the busy travelers will be from the northeast and right here in the southeast.

People are hitting the roads for the holidays.

"Staying home for New Years Eve is no fun," says Bathurst.

Officials say travel is expected to be up this year.

"65 million will be traveling this year which is up about 2.2 percent over last year," says Joy Dixon, AAA Travel Services Director.

Bathurst is looking forward to his first trip to Daytona Beach. He's making his trip by road instead of flying.

"You have to stop and take your shoes off and I don't bend over too well," Bathurst says.

But many people will be taking to the skies.

"We do have a travel day on the 22nd which is this Friday and then after that everybody comes back at their own pace," says Becky Huckaby, McGhee Tyson Airport spokesperson.

Natasha is traveling to France with her husband a week before Christmas and comes back New Year's Day. She says it helps beat more than the rush.

"Actually, you'll notice if you do look on the prices, it goes down the day of the holiday," says Natasha.

With Independence Air now gone and filled flights to Tampa and Orlando, airport officials say Allegiant Air is helping fill the void.

"Because of the fact it's such a popular destination for us and it leads in to the football game so we're hopefully going to see a bump in travel," says Huckaby.

No matter where travelers go, the purpose is always the same.

"So we're going to enjoy ourselves have a good time," Bathurst says.

Dixon says some of the popular trips this holiday season are the beaches, skiing, and definitely cruises.

If you're flying, Huckaby says you should be at the airport at least an hour in advance for domestic flights and an hour and a half for international flights.