Pastor Questions Picture of Muslim on Governor's Christmas Card

Nashville (AP) -- A Nashville pastor is questioning why Governor Bredesen chose to paint a picture of a teenage Muslim girl for his annual Christmas card.

Bredesen's card shows a young Muslim girl that he met in Afghanistan last March.

Pastor Maury Davis of Cornerstone church told WKRN-TV in Nashville that the governor's message is convoluted and could be interpreted as an insult to Christianity.

On the back of the card, Bredesen wrote that it may seem odd to put a portrait of a Muslim on a Christmas card. But he said that the season should serve as a reminder that God loves his children most of all.

Bredesen also wished for peace and hope for the woman and her country.

Davis said the governor failed in his attempt to combine both Islam and Christianity for a Christmas card.

In response, Bredesen said the card speaks for itself.

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