Governor's Chirstmas Card Causes Controversy

Knoxville (WVLT) - Governor Bredesen's Christmas cards have sparked some controversy.

The card depicts a teenage Muslim girl he met in Afghanistan.

On the back of the card, the Governor wrote that it may seem odd to put the portrait of a Muslim on a Christmas card, but he said the season should serve as a reminder that God loves his children most of all.

The Governor also wished for peace and hope for the woman and her country.

The pastor of Cornerstone Church in Madisonville says the card could be interpreted as an insult to Christianity.

"Why can't we put a picture of Christ there? Why do we live in a country that wants to push our nativity scenes out of the public marketplace, and then we want to promote the picture of an Islamic woman on a card. That's just not right," says pastor Maury Davis.

Governor Bredesen's reponse to the pastor was the card speaks for itself.