Military Families React to Call for Troop Increase

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Knoxville (WVLT) - East Tennessee military moms and dads are speaking out about the possibility of the US having a larger military force to fight the war on terrorism.

Wednesday, President Bush said in a year-end news conference he's considering ordering a surge of troops as a first-step toward taking control of the situation in Iraq as well as an overall build up of troops.

Knoxville parents we spoke with say they want our troops to reach the goal of bringing security and stability to Iraq, but they differ on how to accomplish that.

The US has lost more than 2900 troops in almost four years of war, without slowing the insurgency.

A Knoxville Marine's mother opposes sending a surge of troops to Iraq, which President Bush is considering.

Clementine Kirkpatrick's son Jamaal Kirkpatrick is a sergeant with Delta Company. She not only doesn't want more troops sent, she wants our troops brought home as soon as possible.

"I would just like for President Bush to spend more time with the Lord, to be, so he can know the next move on how to do it. I believe the next move is to start getting the troops out and I believe that the Lord will reveal it to him if he asks," she says.

Ms. Kirkpatrick's son is scheduled to return home sometime in March, but that could change if the president orders more troops to Iraq.