Holiday Travel Tips

(WVLT) - Here are some helpful tips from the Transportation Security Administration to make sure your trip during the holiday weekend is a smooth one.

Flying Tips from the TSA

3-1-1 Rule
Many people may be flying for the first time since the rules have changed about what you can bring on a flight so you should brush up on them before you head out to the airport. The TSA enacted what they call the "3-1-1 Rule" for carrying liquids on. That means you can bring containers of three ounces or less in one quart clear zip-top bag and only one per passenger. This comes in the wake of the foiled terrorist plot earlier this year in London, in which the terrorists were allegedly going to use liquid explosives. If you do not follow this rule, you will be forced to throw away your items.

Don't Wrap Gifts
The TSA must be able to see and scan all items and you will be forced to unwrap any gifts.

Know What is Prohibited
Be sure to check the TSA's list of what is prohibited on flights, just in case one of the gifts you are bringing along with you is on it. If you have it with you, you will be forced to throw it away or you won't be able to board your flight. This list doesn't just include knives or other weapons, but also includes snow globes. For a list of the banned items, click here.

Be Prepared
Be aware that certain items, like metal belts, will set off the walk-through metal detector at security. You should pack coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, and other metal items in your carry-on bag. Also, choose your outfit to get you through quicker, like wearing shoes that can easily be taken off and put through the x-ray machines. You'll also have to put any coats, bags and purses through the scanner. Also be sure to arrive with plenty of time. Airports are busier during the holidays so you need to factor long lines into the time you give yourself to check in, get through security, and arrive at your gate.

Last Minute Planning
If you haven't made your plans yet, or have decided to make a last-minute trip, there are some websites where you may be able to get some good deals. These sites go to air carriers and ask for their leftover seats and then offer them to you at the last minute. You can go to, and

Driving Tips from TDOT
AAA expects more than 1.6 Million people to travel through the Volunteer state during the holiday weekend. To keep you safe, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has suspended construction for the rest of the holiday season. Construction crews will stop road construction Thursday and will pick back up again on January 2nd. Here are more tips from TDOT.

-Slow Down: Your car needs three times more space to stop on slick roads.
-Eliminate distractions
-Leave your cell phone turned off, but have it ready if you need it.
-If it is snowing, raining or foggy to the point where your vision is obscured, turn your radio off so that you can listen for the traffic you cannot see.
-Turn on your lights so others will see you coming. Maintain a distance of six to eight seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
-Be deliberate in maneuvering your vehicle. Most skidding is caused by sudden stops and turns.
-If your vehicle skids, do not hit the brakes. Ease off the accelerator and steer into the direction of the skid.
-Never stop on the highway unless absolutely necessary. Pull off the road as far as possible to the right if you need to stop.
-Never drive while fatigued.
-Stop frequently to take breaks.
-Be prepared. Have tire treads, brakes and wipers checked before you leave on your trip.