Reducing Holiday Stress

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping you now have just over three days to get the job done.

But you don't have to let the December 25th deadline stress you out.

There's just 3 days left to get all you last minute shopping done and that could cause lots of stress.

Before you head out to the stores keep in mind the reason you are doing the shopping. We spoke with a counselor today who says don't let last minute shopping break your holiday spirit. She says to realize you can't do everything and only try to accomplish the things that are feasible.

"What are the things that are most important about the holiday season that you want to have as part of that experience and make that part of your memory," Susie Stiles Wilson, from Peninsula Hospital.

Make a list and try to get items all at one place. She also says to try and slow down, take a couple deep breaths, even before you get out of the car so you are calm when you hit the crowded stores and look at your thoughts in a different way.

Also it's important to know ahead of time how much you plan on spending.