Holiday Help: Gift Card Tips

Knoxville (WVLT) - With time running out to shop for Christmas, many of you may decide to buy gift cards for the people on your list.

The cards have been growing in popularity and are available for restaurants, stores, and just about everywhere you spend money.

The Copper Cellar/Calhoun's group of restaurants in Knoxville sold $74,000 worth of gift cards last year.

This year, the company expects to sell about $80,000.

"Gift cards have become one of those easy simple popular gifts, everybody loves getting a gift card to somewhere," says Calhoun's General Manager Jim Bell.

If you are buying a gift card or if you get one, many places are offering extra incentives to buy them.

Remember to check the expiration dates.

Some cards deduct from the balance after them.

Also, some gift cards may charge a monthly maintenance fee if not used.