Alleged victim, estranged wife talk about dropped kidnap and rape charges

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Now that David Jansen will not face kidnapping and rape charges, two women in his life are speaking out.

Jansen was accused of kidnapping an Atlanta stripper while she was jogging and bringing her to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains to rape her.

It's Volunteer TV's policy not to release the names of alleged victims of sexual assault, unless they face charges or make themselves public.

On Thursday, Violet Esteppe did an on-camera interview with our CBS affiliate in Atlanta.

And for the first time, the 24-year-old model and stripper talks about the case.

"I'm still shocked. I've been through a lot of stuff, but I'm still not allowed to release any details." From behind her screen door, Violet Esteppe said she didn't expect the charges against David Jansen would be dropped.

In fact, she's sticking to her story that Jansen kidnapped her, brought her to a Gatlinburg cabin and raped her.

According to Esteppe's own website, she's a dancer and model.

Jansen says he met her at an Atlanta club where she works as a stripper. He says he has pictures to prove they were friends.

Esteppe says she's getting professional help after this incident.

"All I can do right now is continue in the counseling that I'm doing, but the rest of the questioning has to be done through my attorney," Esteppe told Atlanta's CBS affiliate WGCL.

"Are you upset, can you just tell us that?" A reporter asked.
"Yeah, it is upsetting, but like I said, I really can't answer any more questions," Esteppe replied.

Meanwhile-- Jansen's soon to be ex-wife is talking too.

"The fact that she's only two years older than our son really just ticks me off," Christy Jansen told WGCL, "that he would be stupid enough to do that."

She says she's mad that her husband was unfaithful, but she seriously doubts Esteppe's story.

"He's never been a violent person at all," Christy Jansen continued.

And her doubts aren't the only ones.
Prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to take this case to court.

"Two people know what happened. The defendant and the alleged victim," Assistant Attorney General Steve Hawkins told Volunteer TV.

And, the attorney general's office says it's not going to waste the court's time.

"She still insists that the charges are true and the allegations are true. She was ready and willing to come back here and prosecute the case and cooperate in any way, but I told her, her credibility was greatly in suspect," Hawkins said.

As far as her credibility, she's twice been convicted of filing false reports-- claiming once that someone stabbed her, and another time she lied to police about being raped.

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