Men Shopping for Presents

Knoxville (WVLT) - Talk about a Christmas tradition as predictable as Santa and Rudolph.

She does the shopping.

The guys, either proscrastinate over our own lists or wait for them to finish.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt looks at why the stereotype holds true for so many.

During the busy holiday season you'll see men everywhere at the mall.

"Man, I'm just christmas shopping man."

You'll see them here and there on the bench with Harold Lilly.

He says he always enjoys finishing up Christmas shopping with his wife.

"Mostly I just stay at one place until she comes to the store and if she goes to the next one I'll find a comfortable place or go in for a while," says Harold Lilly.

But he says staying out of the stores is the secret to their 65 year marriage.

"She'll ask me my opinion and usually her opinion prevails," says Lilly.

You'll see Billy Martin on one of the comfy seats.

He says shopping comes natural for women, and has learned to leave the stores to them.

Billy Martin who shops with his daughters says, "I've tried to help before, I've tried to buy the gifts before and, no, dad, just stay back and we'll do this and you just sit on the bench."

So while he holds the bags, his daughters do the shopping, which gives him time to people watch.

"Usually see them trying to control the children, husbands trying to get away from their wives," says Martin.

Maybe those husbands ran here. Where for just $12 they can burn off the stress of shopping with a 10 minute massage.

Or maybe they're just being secretive about their gifts.

Tara Fox at The Body Shop says, "A lot of men come in and they're like, I just need something for a woman can you just point me in the right direction."

Or maybe they're really worn out from running around the mall and just found a place to take a load off.