Holiday Sales the Day After

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's back to work, and back to the malls for shoppers.

The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers spent $24.8 billion on gift cards this Holiday season.

And the Associated Press says retailers expected higher sales this past weekend.

So they're really counting on post-christmas sales to boost their pocketbooks.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has more on post-holiday shopping.

That for some, believe it or not began Monday.

It's Christmas and at Walgreens, Santa and his elves are stocking the shelves.

They're preparing for post-Christmas sales while shoppers search the isles.

"Diapers and salt-and-vingaer chips for my 5 1/2 month pregnant wife," says Brig Stone.

But there's a problem with such a specific request on Christmas.

"They don't have the salt-and-vineger, so I'm still on the salt-and-vinegarr hunt, trying to find something else that's open on Kingston Pike," says Stone.

He won't have much luck parking lots are empty, doors are locked.

Christmas means: "CLOSED" for many businesses.

The solution?

"Back-up chips! They don't stop being pregnant on Christmas, they want salt-and-vinegar chips, you gotta try to find them," says Stone.

Others are finding exactly what they need.

Rachel Brannon says, "My daugher is sick. She's teething so we're getting her some infant non-asprin medicine."

From last minute medicine to gifts and necessities.

Santa says, "People have been getting last minute gifts and your milk, bread, eggs. Everyday things you might have forgotten."

"This is a Christmas that is a bit abnormal for us. We are going to see my mother. We've got a carload of Christmas goodies and presents and foods for her, but also need to take care of the day-to-day business and she needs toothpaste!," says Anne Dabbs.

And those working on Christmas say they're doing their part to spread holiday cheer, while you shop!

"Make it fun, dressing up, doing whatever we can to make it fun, make Christmas, Christmas," says Santa.

Tomorrow is the big shopping day

But for those of you who will head out to brave the crowds, return and exchange gifts, spend those gift cards.

Local retailers are giving you a head start.

Area Wal-Mart and Kohl's stores open at 6 a. m.

Target stores open at 7 a. m.

And West Town, Knoxville Center and Foothills malls also open at 7 a. m.