Elvis Remains King of Rock 'N' Roll, And Stamps Too

Washington (AP) -- People still like holding onto Elvis.

The Postal Service says more than 124 million of the 1993 Elvis Presley stamps have been saved by Americans. The Post Office does an annual survey of 10,000 households to determine which stamps are most popular.

Rising into the second spot was this year's Wonders of America set with 87.5 million stamps saved.

The Post Office receives stamp ideas from an estimated 50,000 people annually, with 20 to 25 suggestions making it onto postage. The avalanche of ideas is reviewed by an independent advisory committee which sends its recommendations to the Postmaster General for a final decision.

The 1992 Wildflowers set, Rock-And-Roll and Rhythm-And-Blues from 1993 and this year's DC Comics Super Heroes set rounded out the top five.

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