Shoppers Hit the Stores for Sales, Returns

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Knoxville (WVLT) - After a day when just about every store was closed, East Tennesseans didn't waste time getting back to the stores.

Part of the reason for going the day after Christmas, gift cards.

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans have $24.8 billion of them to spend right now.

However, the gift cards may not be enough to help retailers meet sales forecasts for the season.

The sounds at cash registers in East Tennessee and across the country may not be the kind retailers want to hear this day after Christmas.

"You will have $50 credited to your account."

Some people are cashing in those gift cards while others are taking advantage of the big sales.

However, the majority of shoppers stand in line to cash in on all the gifts they didn't want and exchange them for something they did.

"Have to buy it myself," Nick White wanted luggage for his upcoming trip.

Since he didn't find it under the tree, he's completing his wish list himself, but says he doesn't mind.

Not only does he get a better deal, he says it's a good way to waste some time too.

"A little boredom, so I check the sales out and see what is on special," he says.

Those specials are what bring the Stacy family back year after year.

"It makes it more pleasant," Nikki, her husband Paul, daughter Savannah, and mother-in-law Phyllis try to extend the holiday a little bit, while at the same time, get ready for the next one.

"It helps and we get to enjoy the holiday more. We like to buy everything up that way it's not as hectic next year," says Nikki.

In the end the after holiday rush is usually a win-win situation.

Shoppers bag the big deals, and retailers are in the black heading into the New Year.

If you still have to head out to return or exchange an item keep in mind most stores return to normal business hours after the 26th.

And keep in mind, some of those gift cards do have expiration dates.

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