A Town Remembers A Fallen Hero

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While Lance Corporal William Craig Koprince's family tells East Tennessee of his courage and commitment to his country, his hometown is making a big statement of it's own.
Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has more on how people there are remembering the fallen marine.
Koprince is a 2001 graduate of Lenoir City High School.
His family moved out of the area recently.
But the community says that doesn't matter.
They say Koprince is their hero and although he has been away from the area for years, his memory will live on throughout their community forever.
Ron McDonald, local disc jockey says, "although some of the people in the community did not know Lance Corporal Billy Koprince, a lot of you have shown the East Tennessee support for Billy and all the Koprince family."
Lance Corporal William Craig Koprince will go down in Lenior City history books as a hometown hero.
John Evans of Lenior City says, "we didn't know the young man, but he stands for this nation and we in the community want to support and show our support for what the Marines and the Army are doing for us."
American Trust Bank and several other Loudon County businesses are flying their flags at half staff today.
They're honoring Koprince in a way that everyone driving past will remember him and his sacrifice.
Evans continues, "the ones that are out there putting their life on the line for us, it means a lot and we just wanted to show how much we appreciate what they're doing."
It's a small gesture, but it sends a big message.
McDonald agrees, "I hope they think of the people who go fight the wars and the people who put their lives in danger."
Vietnam Veteran Ron McDonald, knows the importance of community support.
"It makes it a whole lot easier for people to go fight a war, for people to be in danger when they have support of people at home."
And Lance Corporal Koprince and his family have just that...
McDonald says, "It's all right in here. That's what it's all about. It's our country."
According to a web site that tracks war casualties, Koprince is the first marine from Lenoir City to die in the war on terror.