Bobo's Foster Family Talks About Chihuahua's Recovery

Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - A Campbell County woman charged with animal cruelty did not show up in court this morning, but her attorney entered a plea not guilty for her.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford was there and also got to visit with Bobo the Chihuahua.

Bobo has a lot of healing left to do, but he's doing much better after being in the care of the president of the small breed rescue group of East Tennessee for almost two weeks now.

Officials say 31-year old Susan Baird drug her dog Bobo from the bumper of her car for almost a mile.

The rescue group sat in court Friday morning wanting to save Bobo from being put back into the care of Susan Baird.

"He's at my house. I had gotten a call from the vet asking if I would foster him," says Tyrine Hawthorne of Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee.

When Bobo first arrived at the LaFollette Veterinary Hospital, just after officials say Susan Baird tied him to her bumper by a leash and drove for almost a mile, the frightened, severely injured dog could not even move. More than two weeks later, it's hard to keep up with the little guy.

"Eighty percent better. I mean, he's healing, he's happy. If we could just get those ears to stay on we would be ok," Tyrine Hawthorne has been nursing Bobo back to life. "He's been at my house getting bandages changed, medication he needs, care."

Bobo had surgery on his ears Tuesday, hopefully his last one.

"He's still in pain," says Hawthorne. "His ears are finally hopefully going to stay attached this time, but it's going to be a long process still."

A process that Hawthorne says will take a loving, patient owner. "We would like to see him come into our rescue group and go from there."

The Small Breed Rescue Group of East Tennessee says what Baird did may have been an accident, but she hasn't checked on her dog since it happened.

"Her lack of remorse afterward, it kind of speaks for itself," Hawthorne says.

"I know that accidents happen, but had it been me and my dog, I would've been hysterical. I would've rushed to the vet with the dog," says concerned dog lover Sandi Harper.

And Baird did not check in at court Friday morning, either.

"It's a disappointment. I would've liked to see her show up and face the music, but I'm not surprised at all," says Harper.

Baird's trail is set to begin February 20th.

Sandi Harper of Knox County started an online petition to support Bobo that's received more than 2,500 signatures from around the world.

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