Stopping Drunken Drivers New Year's Weekend

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Knoxville (WVLT) - New Year's weekend will be full of celebrations, but too much fun could put you at risk on the roadways.

Allison Hunt joins us live with more on what police are doing to keep you safe.

The Knoxville Police Department is out in full force this weekend making sure the roads are safe, but they're not just looking for cars swerving on the roads.

"I'm going to pull this vehicle over because if you notice the back of the vehicle, the lights on his right rear taillight is not working," officer Lance Halseth said.

This vehicle was pulled over for a taillight violation, but it turned out to be much more. He was driving on a suspended license.

"Really any traffic violation that will get me out, headlight violations, seat belt violations, license plate violations, any kind of traffic violation, anything that can get me out to contact the citizen," Halseth Said.

Making contact with the driver, give them the opportunity to see if the driver is under the influence.

"You'll be able to smell it obviously. Usually when you ask them for certain information, they'll fumble. It'll be very apparent that they've been drinking. A lot of times they'll admit it to you," Halseth said.

Officers say more drivers will be on the roads this weekend and because of the New Year's holiday, more people will be drinking.

"People are going to be out drinking a little more, probably people that usually stay home on a typical weekend that might bring people out this weekend," Halseth said.

And especially this weekend getting drunk drivers off the road is very important.

"Usually around the holidays there is an increase in obviously people out drinking a little bit more, so they'll be out driving as they've been drinking," Halseth said.

If you're out traveling this weekend, officers say make sure to stay safe, obey the speed limit and if you are going to be out drinking, your best bet is to have a designated driver or call a cab.