Getting in Shape for the New Year

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Sunday night, many of you will be announcing your New Year's resolutions, and for many that means getting in better shape and hitting the gym.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford takes you inside a couple of local health clubs to show you what they have to offer.

It's a time to for new beginnings and committments.

"Most people always want to feel better, look better, have more energy, so they start the new year off the right way," says Nicole Wurl, general manager of The Rush.
"January's always the best time to join a gym because more people are out there. We always have our best special of the year."

Court South and National Fitness Center President Lee Sloan says, "This is our busiest season of the year. We have a lot of people coming in, getting started on programs."

If you're thinking about joining a new health club, trainers say you'll want think about what's best for you.

Wurl says, "When the member comes in, we'll talk about their goals, what they want to do to accomplish their goals, and then we turn around and design a program that's going to best suit their needs."

Sloan says, When you're joining a club, you need to ask the questions...Do they have the programs that are going to fit you? Do they have the yoga classes? If you need water-based exercises, do they have water aerobics?"

Membership fees vary, depending on where you go.

"You can go month by month, you can sign up for a commitment, so that's something we customize for you as a member," says Wurl.

You can pay as you go at the Rush, but at Court South and the National Fitness Center, you can't sign up without signing a contract first.

Sloan says, "We do set the packages up so that if you do set up that lifestyle change or committment, the rates are a little bit cheaper."

Now mom and dad, keep in mind, if you're both going to sign up for a membership, make sure you have a place for your kids to go, too.

Wurl says, "We have a kids play land, we have games, video games."

Sloan says, "Programs like kids karate, ballet, tumbling."

And the incentives to join this January are in full force.

Sloan says, "Memberships as low as $19.95 a month, but on top of that we're also offering a month of free training."

Wurl says, "Right now we have a 50% off or two for one."

Whatever deal you get, make sure you read the fine print before you sign anything.

You'll also want to think about location.

The Rush and the Court South West are open round the clock.