At Least 12 Deaths Blamed On Winter Storm; Thousands Lose Power In Plains States

Denver (AP) -- At least 50,000 homes and businesses in Kansas are without power this New Year as a powerful winter storm heads east.

At least 12 deaths are blamed on the storm that's dumped rain from Florida to New York and snow in parts of New England.

National Guard troops have rescued at least 44 people in eastern Colorado.

Parts of Kansas have gotten up to 32 inches of snow, and wind piled it into drifts 15 feet high. The governor has declared an emergency. Power company officials say it could be a week before service is fully restored.

Some 15,000 homes and businesses are in the dark in Nebraska. The Oklahoma panhandle has had at least five-thousand utility customers without electricity.

Warmer weather is forecast for later in the week in the region.

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