Good News in the New Year for a Military Family

Knoxville (WVLT) - The beginning of a New Year marks the beginning of the countdown for one East Tennessee family.

WVLT's Whitney Daniel spent the day with the Britton family at their home in Powell.

They can't wait until spring, that's when two brothers are expected home from Iraq.

The Britton's are the spitting image of a military family, three generations have served.

And while loved ones are away from home the Britton's depend on a special support system, a family of ten.

A flag flying outside the Britton Family home means a lot.

It stands for freedom, faith and for family.

"Family is the most important thing to us. The Lord blessed us with eight wonderful children and we've been a very, very, very tight knit family the whole time the kids were growing up," says mother, Midge Britton.

The Britton's three sons are involved with the military, two are fighting overseas but as they ring in the New Year: 2007 comes with good news.

Both are due back in the spring.

"It hasn't been the same, of course, without having those two boys home," says father, Barry Britton.

This is Marine Lance Corporal Barry Junior Britton's second deployment to Iraq.

The first time he was there during the battle for Fallujah.

"That's when he was wounded and made many precious friendships there and did a great service to his country. I'm very proud of everything that these boys have been doing," says Barry.

His younger brother, Army Sgt. David Britton works with a civil affairs unit.

For Christmas, he asked his parents to send a box full of children's shoes for the kids living there.

"They think of what they can do for communities to help them," says Barry.

While the boys help out in Iraq a big family helps out at home.

"Now that they are all grownup and moving away. It does make it harder to get together, but when we do get together it's even more special and we always get together at Christmas," says Midge.

And although this year the boys weren't home their parents are proud of what they're doing.

"It's important and in the long run I think they'll see what a contribution they made to our country," says Barry.

The entire Britton family has plans to come to Knoxville when the boys return in the spring.