Man Shot, Arrives at Hospital in Pickup

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A Knoxville man is dead following a shooting.

Whitney Daniel has the details.

Police say 21-year-old Brandon Martin died after suffering injuries from a gunshot wound. Police are still looking for a suspect, and they're following some new leads right now. They still have a lot of pieces to put together before they can determine exactly what happened, where it happened and why.

The details began to unfold at Baptist Hospital when police say three men arrived there in a red pickup truck.

"One of the three individuals in the truck had been shot at least one time," police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said.

That person, 21-year-old Brandon Martin received medical attention, but later died from his injuries. The other two were stopped and detained by security officers until police arrived. Police say one had a gun.

"They were very observant and certainly did the right thing in obtaining those two individuals," DeBusk said.

Police then took the two to the safety building to find out more.

"We are questioning them in the sense of how they got involved, where they were, what happened, how they got hooked up with the victim, but right now they're not suspects," DeBusk said.

No one is in custody and no charges have been filed.

"Right now, the investigators are following several leads that have developed through the course of the investigation," DeBusk said.

While police have found a few answers to their questions, other details like where the victim was shot and what type of gun was used are still unclear.

"We have an idea of what type, but it will not be confirmed until a further medical examination can be done to verify that," DeBusk said.

But some leads are pointing them in the right direction.

"We have some information that's led us to one area where the shooting took place. We have some crime technicians that have looked at that area and have recovered what we think is evidence in the shooting," DeBusk said.

As far as additional charges to the individual carrying the gun at the hospital, police are looking into it, but they say their first priority is to identify those responsible for the shooting that killed Martin.