Lawsuit: Woman Raped, Denied Doctor, Taken to Jail

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Alcoa, Blount County (WVLT) - An East Tennessee teacher is suing Alcoa Police and the Blount County Sheriff's Office, saying she wasn't allowed to see a doctor after she was allegedly raped at an Alcoa home.

The woman, who claims to have a clean record, says she was at a friend's house drinking when the alleged incident happened.

But instead of being taken to a hospital for a rape examination she says she was taken to jail for public intoxication.

After having a few drinks with friends at a bar in December 2005, the accuser says she and three other people went to a home on Glascock Street to play trivia, but was given another drink by Anthony Christopher Ellis.

"I had done the shot of Jagermeister and that's the last thing I remember," she says.

But some time later she woke up. "The next thing I remember is, I had woke up in the spare bedroom and I was fighting him off of me."

So half dressed, the victim says she left the home and ran across the street to call police.

Victim: "Somebody's trying to hurt me."

Dispatch: "She says somebody is trying to hurt her."

The victim says when police arrived she told them she needed to go to the hospital, but was taken to jail where she was also denied a rape kit.

"So I kept banging on the door with my fist like this, just demanding to see a doctor," she says.

The victim is now suing both Alcoa Police and the Blount County Sheriff. Her attorney feels procedure was not followed.

"If she's telling you I was raped then the next step should have been to the hospital," says Kent Booher, the victim's attorney.

The victim says her attacker is reportedly the stepson of Maryville Mayor Joe Swann.

"After I learned who his dad was, it began to make better sense to me as to why he wasn't arrested that night," the victim says.

But now she's seeking justice.

"The police are supposed to help you. What I learned was that I was not only victimized once, I was victimized twice," she says.

Alcoa Chief Ken Burge and sheriff James Berrong have declined comment, citing they have not yet been formally served with the complaint.

At this point, District Attorney General Mike Flynn says Anthony Christopher Ellis has not been charged with any crime.

Meanwhile, we remind you that a civil suit represents only one side of a story, repeated attempts to contact Ellis have been unsuccessful.