Daisy's Great Odyssey: Pooch Travels from Denver to Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A woman more than a thousand miles away from East Tennessee is reunited with her dog that has been missing for 8 months, but there is a catch.

Don't ask us how it happened, but the dog made its way here to Knoxville.

"How she got here we have no idea," says Beth Finamore-Neff, from Young-Williams Animal Shelter.

It's been a long 8 months for this rat terrier named Daisy.

Too bad she can't really speak, because she sure would have quite a story to tell.

"This isn't even her original collar. From what the owner tells us, the tag has been moved onto a different collar," says Beth.

We know that daisy's adventure began April 11th when she made a great escape from her back yard.

What we don't know is how month's later she ended up in Tracie Crass's front yard.

"We saw a little dog walk down the sidewalk and we just started petting and talking to her," says Tracie.

Since daisy had a phone number on her rabies tags, the Crasses decided to keep Daisy until they located her owners.

Vonda Ludstrom was elated to hear her dog had finally been found. But it's each others location that caught everyone a little off guard.

"It's a total mystery. We just hope whoever had her loved her," Vonda says.

Somehow, daisy made a 1,300 mile journey from Denver Colorado, to Knoxville, Tennessee.

"How did my dog get to Tennessee?" Lundstrom says your guess is as good as hers, considering they have never visited the Volunteer State.

But the important thing now, is that this missing dog case is closed.

A simple phone call shares the good news. "Vonda, hey it's Beth! Daisy is at the airport you all are going to be back together this afternoon"

"I can't wait to see her I'm so excited she's coming home," Vonda says.

Daisy's mom says she would have driven to Tennessee the night they got the good news, but the big Colorado snow storm kept them from leaving the state.