Corker Set to Be Sworn into Senate Thursday

Washington, DC (WVLT) - Thursday is a big day for a former mayor from here in East Tennessee.

Bob Corker will be sworn in as Tennessee's newest United States Senator.

It's been a long day in Washington.

Wednesday was the first day back to work following New Year's, and the state funeral for President Gerald R. Ford.

Now it's on to a new guard of lawmakers, including Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Wednesday, Alan Williams had a chance to speak with Senator-elect Corker.

He's set to be sworn in on Capitol Hill, taking the place of Bill Frist, who's set to leave office.

"It's just now sinking in," says Senator-Elect Corker. "I think tomorrow when I walk down the aisle with Senator Alexander, Frist and Baker, Senator Baker's coming here to join us, Fred Thompson may be up here tomorrow, but all the people from Tennessee, a tremendous sense of responsibility, a feeling of really wanting to have an impact on what we talked about during the course of the campaign."

Anytime a new senator takes office, there is a transition period. His office now is in the basement of the Dirksen Building.

They have no internet service, temporary desks, not even an up to date website, it still says "Bob Corker for Senate", but that's set to change Thursday.

Official swearing in ceremony for Bob Corker is at noon Thursday. Volunteer TV News is in Washington for the ceremony, we'll have coverage through out the day on Volunteer TV News and