Bob Corker Sworn In as Senator

Washington (WVLT) - Back in November Bob Corker pulled off a narrow win over Democrat Harold Ford, Junior.

Now, he's officially a US Senator.

WVLT's Alan Williams is the only TV reporter from Knoxville in DC covering Corker's swearing-in Thursday.

There was a lot of pomp and circumstance on Capitol Hill, as members of Congress took the Oath of Office.

We were there as East Tennessee's Bob Corker went from Senator-elect to Senator in a few quick minutes.

"That you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation and that you will and faithfully discharge the office you are about to enter, so help you God. Congratulations"

With support from senators, Howard Baker, Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander, Senator-elect Bob Corker became Senator.

"I'm honored, certainly to be here today, with a lot of supporters and friends. I look forward to be able to share this great moment in history that happens every so often with so many people," says Senator Corker.

"The only advice I would give is to listen, the people of Tennessee, the values, the intelligence is all there," says former Senator Bill Frist.

At an informal reception, well wishers from East Tennessee and those who've been there before gave their take on the day.

"What advice would you give Senator Corker now?" Alan asks former Senator Howard Baker.

"Oh, just keep your head down," the statesman says. "It's a solemn moment, he will absorb the importance of the event as he approaches the Vice President's podium. I remember mine vividly and never cease to be impressed by the occasion."

"It's an exciting change, it's a good time in this country," says Knoxvillian David Rutherford, who was on hand for the event.

"What key advice would you give him like this?" Alan ask Senator Lamar Alexander.

"I would tell him this: I would listen for a while," the Senator says.

The key word here is listening, as this freshman senator begins on Capitol Hill.

Senator Corker is still in a transition phase, his office is in a basement right now, with no internet hook-up, temporary desks, not even a phone book.

But in the coming weeks that will change.