Knoxville Man Charged with Allegedly Throwing Infant

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Knoxville (WVLT) - For six days, Children's Hospital has been treating a baby girl for serious internal injuries.

Injuries, Knoxville Police believe, her own father inflicted.

Rodney Deon Porter is charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect, a Class A Felony.

Beyond his daughter's injuries, the police complaint says the strongest evidence against him could be his own words.

"People down here basically know each other, down here, around there, but our building keeps to themselves," says Katrina Horton, neighbor.

Katrina Horton and Lori DeLeon would just as soon keep 27-year-old Rodney Deon Porter one neighbor they never know.

"How anybody can hurt a child, they should just be tortured for that," says Lori.

"It's horrible, there's people out there who want to have kids who can't, yet somebody like this has a baby and hurts her," says Katrina.

Police say Porter's admitted hurting his one month-old daughter Amya Neveah during a visit last Saturday.

After Children's Hospital, reported her injuries consistent with blunt force trauma..

First, officers say, he told them he dropped her from his lap, but later confessed to throwing her on the bed so hard she bounced off the wall and onto the floor.

Taking her home to her mother, who told him to take her to the hospital.

"For several months, Both my husband and I have considered moving out of here, as quickly as possible," says DeLeon.

Nobody answered at Rodney Porter's Thursday morning. His record shows he's answered for few allegations the past 8 years; charges of cocaine dealing, illegal weapons, theft, impersonation, even traffic violations which were subsequently dismissed.

"He didn't deserve to be a parent," says Katrina.

"All you want to do is go to your children, hold them tight as you can, and just love them and protect them and do anything and everything you can for them," says Lori.

We've spoken with the manager of the apartment where this is alleged to have occurred.

She tells us Rodney Porter was not a resident, or at least, was not there legally.

Rodney Deon Porter remains in jail on $200,000 bond.

If he does make bail, he's ordered to stay away from Amya's mother.

She and her family aren't releasing details about Amya's condition.

Porter's due back in court next Wednesday.