Tennessee Waltz Informant Directs Movie About Thug Life

Memphis (AP) -- The informant hired by the FBI to arrange bribes to state lawmakers directed a movie about thug life, but he's not referring to his involvement in the Tennessee Waltz undercover sting.

Convicted felon Timothy Willis directed "Street Life," a story about a group of "would-be" thugs planning a major heist, which will be available soon on DVD for $24.99.

In 2005, Willis posed as a consultant for E-Cycle Management, a fake company who was bribing officials in exchange for special legislation to purchase and recycle state computers.

The operation resulted in charges against eleven defendants including five former or current state lawmakers.

The action film includes some scenes that appear to have been filmed in the same Memphis office where former State Senator John Ford was secretly videotaped taking $10,000 in cash.

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