Survey: Tennessee Children Not Likely To Succeed

Chattanooga (AP) -- A national report shows Tennessee children rank 45th nationally in the likelihood they will achieve academic and professional success growing up in the state.

Education Week's Quality Counts 2007 report ranks the 50 states and District of Columbia in opportunities available to its students.

The report shows a child in Virginia has the best chance of succeeding in life, while a child raised in New Mexico has the worst chance.

Alabama tied with Tennessee for 45th.

The report's "chance-for-success index" tracks 13 indicators, including the percentage of children who grow up in poverty, the percentage that have at least one parent with a college degree or a full-time job, and how many children have parents who are fluent in English.

Tennessee ranked above the national average in two areas: the percentage of children whose parents speak English and the percentage of adults working full time in the labor force.

Tennessee ranked below the national average in areas such as family income, parent education, parent employment, preschool enrollment, elementary school reading proficiency, middle school math proficiency, high school graduation and the annual adult income.

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