Shuler Staff Says Taylor's Team Thwarting Smooth Handoff

Asheville, N.C. (AP) -- As Congress convenes Thursday, new North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler says he's having trouble making the transition of power between his staff and the man he unseated.

Shuler's staff complains that his office's computers were stripped of their operating systems. Chief of staff Hayden Rogers says the staff of former Congressman Charles Taylor has been, quote, "just as difficult as they can be."

Rogers says it's not just a question of Shuler being inconvenienced by Taylor's staff. He says constituents who had asked their congressman for help will now have to start over.

Taylor's press secretary says it's a question of obeying the law that restricts sharing personal information.

Shuler is a former University of Tennessee and NFL quarterback.

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