Where's Winter?

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It may be mid-winter, but the temperature feels more like spring.

"Enjoy the sunshine out there right now," says Pinpoint 8 Meteorologist Scott Blalock.

55, 56, 53, 58 degrees, our Pinpoint 8 weather team has been seeing some rather weird weather patterns.

"One reason we are seeing this warm weather, the wind is coming off the pacific," Blalock says.

Considering all the sunshine warming up your days, the short sleeves you're wearing, and even some plants blooming, it's likely you've noticed too.

"I love it, I hate cold weather and it's been a great winter," says Jared Hollyfield.

Thursday's average temperature should be around 44 degrees, but the expected high is 61.

It's the trend we've seen pretty much all winter. In fact, we started out December at 73 degrees and the month stayed warm, with 17 days of it at least ten degrees above average.

Pretty different from years past, temperatures in December 2003 through 2005 were lower than average.

In fact, the last above average December we had was back in 2001.

So what's the deal? Our meteorologists tell us it's the jet stream.

if it comes from over Canada, it's going to be colder.

If it comes across the Pacific Ocean, it's warmer. And for now that jet stream seems to be stuck and not making a turn.

So if you want freezing temperatures anytime soon, you'll probably want to head to the ice rink in Downtown Knoxville's Market Square, about the only place you'll find layered clothing.

"Two shirts under my jacket, two pairs of socks, jogging pants, gloves," says Matthew Norwood.

And people still breaking a sweat.

"I'd like for it to be colder then i wouldn't be burning up in these clothes," Matthew says.

You can always keep your fingers crossed for colder weather, but don't get your hopes up.

Experts say in many places, 2007 will likely be the warmest on record.