ONLY ON WVLT: Senator Corker's First Day

Washington, DC (WVLT) - The Democrats are now in control of both houses of Congress, but there is one new Republican in the bunch, Tennessee's new US Senator, Bob Corker.

WVLT's Alan Williams followed Senator Corker as he began his new job representing the people of Tennessee.

Now that the swearing in ceremony is over, it's down to business for Senator Bob Corker.

We thought it would be an interesting perspective, to go behind the scenes and bring you a day in the life of the senator and the task in front of him.

Almost as far down as you can go, in Washington's Dirksen Building, in the basement, are the temporary offices of Senator Bob Corker, one of the newest members of the Senate and the only freshman Republican is far down in the pecking order.

His seat in Congress is in the back row, number 97. With that comes the basics of an office, for a while at least, one that Corker vaguely knows.

"Actually, this is the first day I've been in this office. I've actually been operating off-site. We move in real offices in about 3 or 4 months and they go through a pecking-order. Each senator has eight hours to decide where they're going to move into, so they'll get to us in another couple of weeks," Senator Corker says.

Meanwhile, internet service was only up and running Friday, a few computers, not enough phones and not a phone book to be found makes for some daily challenges.

What he has found is every time he speaks, a microphone will be there. So as a minority party in the senate and a freshman to boot, is Tennessee starting over?

"This tradition of common sense mainstream leadership in Tennessee. I think reflects why I was majority leader, Howard Baker was majority leader, why we have produced [three] Presidents in the United States in the past," says former Senator Bill Frist.

"I think what you have to do is really choose what you want to focus on, master it, and make a difference," says Senator Corker.

Senator Corker is on the Energy Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee and the Small Business and Aging Committee, so he has a lot on his plate in the coming weeks.