Searching for Low Gas Prices Online

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you live in the Knoxville area, you're seeing some of the cheapest prices at the pump.

But wouldn't it be nice to save even more?

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel explains how shopping for your gasoline online can help you cut costs.

"It takes about 30 dollars to fill mine up, which is better than it used to be, it's gone down a little bit," says Tina Johnson.

In fact, Knoxville has some of the nation's lowest prices.

"For this truck, I spend about 55-dollars probably every two weeks," says Patrick Martin.

Not bad, especially when you talk to Linda Stewart, who works in West Knoxville and commutes from Seymour.

"My son and I both work for McDonald's over here. Between his schedule and my schedule, we're spending about 400-dollars a month in gas," says Linda Stewart.

And whether you're spending $400 or $100, you've just gotta have it.

Chuck Wilson says, "Right now, I think they're okay as long as they don't get up there to three-dollars a gallon like they were before, I think we'll be okay."

Price-wise, we're almost where we were a year ago, averaging about $2-19.

Last January the average was $2.15.

But take a look at November that's when we dipped below $2.

Will it happen again?

Triple A spokesperson, Don Lindsey says, "Anything is possible. I wouldn't have predicted we were gonna see below two-dollar gas two weeks ago like we did."

And drivers say they'd love to see it again.

"You wouldn't think a few pennies would mount up, but it does," says Stewart.

"You always hope for the cheaper gas prices, but if not, you gotta have gas and you gotta drive," says Wilson.

Even if it doesn't dip, there are some ways you can save money.

Shop online for gasoline!

Go to websites that compare local prices and choose the station with the best deal but, don't forget to use common sense.

"If there's a two-cent difference in gasoline price from one station to another, that's gonna save me 18 cents for a tank full," says Lindsey. "If you're gonna spend a gallon to save 18 cents, that's not really worth it."

There are several websites available for online gasoline shopping.

You can check them out below.