Knoxville Motorcycle Show

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you've been wondering about the roar down at the Knoxville Convention Center this weekend.

The short answer is it's the start of what organizers hope will become a huge new tradition, on top of the valley's growing love affair with anything involving engines.

A taste of too fast, too furious.

For the armchair curious.

Show producer Bobby Appleton says, "Metric motorcycles, and we have the Harley Davidson motorcycles, and we also have a couple big manufacturers, Iron horse and big dog."

Duane Easter says, "They are the Mercedes of the American market."

Rods pimped.

Rides primped.

"The majority of them are show bikes," says Appleton.

"They set good, they ride good, they look good, you get a lot of attention when
you ride one of these motorcyles," says Easter.

Custom Chrome.

Most built-at home.

"The guy who would like to be a builder, he can come out and see what the experts build, and take some ideas home," says Appleton.

Duane Easter's pride and joy is no toy.

He says, "It's the only one in the United States with dual rear belts, dual output transmission, it's $145 thousand and it is for sale

Certain accessories not included.

But this dogs not the biggest.

Easter says, "We've got bikes in the range as high as $200,000 to $225,000. One of a kind."

Riding the dragon, might never be the same

The Motor Sports Show and Expo continues at the Convention Center Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Tickets are $10.

For kids 6 through 12, $5.

5 and younger are free.