Bomb Squad Explodes Suspicious Package at Miami Port

Miami (AP) -- A package that was going to be loaded onto a cruise ship at the Port of Miami tested positive for plastic explosives Monday, the Coast Guard said.

The package was tested six times, and each time it came back positive for the military-grade explosive known as C4, said Petty Officer James Judge.

The package was destroyed, and a Miami-Dade County police bomb squad was inspecting the remains to determine if there were any explosives inside.

Police spokesman Bobby Williams said the instruments used to test the package sometimes give false positives.

"We still need to check it out," Williams said.

The package was included in provisions that were to be loaded aboard Royal Caribbean International's Majesty of the Seas. Explosives detection instruments gave the positive reading about 2 p.m., the cruise line said.

The FBI was monitoring the situation, spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said.

The developments came a day after three Middle Eastern men in a cargo truck sparked a brief terrorism scare at the port. After a bomb squad search, authorities concluded that the men were carrying automotive parts and that the scare stemmed from miscommunication.

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