Amanda McGhee pleads guilty to killing father, stepmother

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The girl who plotted to kill her father and stepmother in 2007 at their Jolly Lane home pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of second degree murder.

Amanda Dawn McGhee was sentenced to 20 years for the death of her father, and 25 years for the death of her stepmother. She'll serve the two sentences consecutively, for a total of 45 years in prison. However, she can get a 15 percent reduction in her sentence for good behavior.

McGhee conspired with her boyfriend, Andrew Bryan Mann to kill Terrance and Alisa McGhee. The murders took place on June 29, 2007.

In a taped confession, McGhee told investigators that she and Mann plotted the murders over a number of weeks. McGhee told interrogators that the original plot had involved battery acid, but said she and Mann decided to use her father's gun instead.

McGhee, in the taped interrogation, told police her father Terrance McGhee lay alive for hours in his bed making strange noises before he died. McGhee said she called her stepmother Alisa McGhee at work the day of the murders to tell her she loved her, and to ask when she'd be home.

McGhee was 15 years old and pregnant with Mann's child. He was 21 at the time. McGhee gave birth while in Knox County Juvenile custody.

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