Friends of Christian and Newsom Share Thoughts

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Friends and loved ones are trying to deal with the loss of Christoper Newsom and possibly the loss of his girlfriend, Channon Christian.

Channon Christian's friends even made a special webpage for her on the Facebook website called "Please Pray For Channon Christian."

Close to 500 people have sent their thoughts out there to her online.

We spoke with friends of Christian Tuesday who are still holding on to hope.

"She was a really nice girl. She was really fun. She was hilarious. She always had funny things to say," Wyatt Clemmer went to school with the 2003 Farragut High School graduate, and has good friends with Channon Christian and her family for years. "An honest and good person, full of life. Really just enjoyed everyday, enjoyed the people she was around and really loved her family."

Clemmer says he just can't understand how something like this could happen to Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom. "The situation she was in, anybody could be in that situation anytime, you know, just going out on a Saturday night and then something like this happens."

"It's just scary," UT's Student Body President Kristi Bogle says the situation is a mystery to her and so many other students.

"It just doesn't make sense," she says. "It doesn't sound like they were walking alone or doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. It just sounds like a tragedy."

"They've lived next door to us for about ten years" Jim Sharp says he'd often see Channon in the small Delle Meade community with a smile.

"The kids always spoke to us, son and daughter both talked to us, just real nice," Sharp says.

And to hear that she's missing. "Very shocking, very shocking," he says. "It would be a parent's worst nightmare. We just feel for them."

"It's just horrible," Sid McNair lives across the street from the Christians and says he can't believe young Channon may be gone. "Always a nice family. Watched the kids grow up."

And so many just want her to come home.

"Our prayers go out for them," Sharp says.

Channon's older brother posted on the webpage made for Channon and thanks everyone for their prayers and asks that you continue to pray for both the Christian family and the Newsom family.

So many say they're praying for justice to be served and something positive to come out of all this.