Knox County Charter Decision Expected Friday

Nashville (WVLT) - The Court Secretary of the Tennessee Supreme Court says an opinion will be filed in the case surrounding the validity of the Knox County Charter and the impact it will have on county government Friday afternoon.

The decision is expected to be handed down around 3:00 p.m. Eastern Friday.

Back in September, Tennessee's Supreme Court Justices heard arguments from lawyers representing seven sides of the dispute, each getting less than half an hour to present their side.

The court fight has snow-balled from a challenge to the two-term limit for County Commissioners, to a debate on whether those term limits apply to every county official, or none of them.

Some argue that the charter even is vague on the county offices it specifically establishes.

The decision will determine whether Knox County will keep, fix, or throw out the Charter form of government.

At this time, Knox County's Charter remains in effect, as do all ordinances and taxes passes specifically under charter rule.

Volunteer TV will be following this developing story, and we'll have new developments Friday on as they become available and on WVLT beginning on Volunteer TV News FIRST at 4:00.