Channon Christian Laid to Rest

Knoxville (WVLT) - Sunday family and friends celebrated the life of a young woman murdered in a carjacking 21 year old Channon Christian.

Folks gathered at Westpark Baptist Church on Middlebrook Pike Sunday afternoon for a final memorial.

Following the service, Channon was laid to rest at Highland West Cemetery.

And in a West Knoxville neighborhood balloons filled the air in memory of Channon and to show support for her family.

A balloon with a Bible scripture was tied to each home's mailbox.

Becky Sherlock says this is a different and special way to honor the family.

"You don't know always what to say or do and this is a way to show them in a quiet way that we're thinking about her all the time," says Becky Sherlock.

Before releasing the balloon, folks could take a moment to remember Channon and her family.