Watchdog Group Says TN Legislature's Website Needs to Change

Nashville, TN (AP) -- State lawmakers can find out information on bills they consider with a click of a button, but some critics of the legislature's web site say that same information is much more difficult for the public to find.

Dick Williams, Chairman of Watchdog Group Tennessee Common Cause, says that needs to change.

Lots of information is available at the web site, such as the history of action on a bill, vote records and streaming video of committee meetings and senate and house sessions.

But to find information such as action on a bill, a person must know the bill number and the date it was discussed.

Some information must be downloaded to a computer before it's viewed -- and sometimes that information is in excess of a hundred pages.

Lawmakers have an easier time, though.

They track current legislation through an internal computer program that lets them look up votes easily by bill number or by the topic the bill covers.

For a link to that website, click here.