Train Carrying Liquid Propane Derails In Kentucky

Shepherdsville, KY. (AP) -- Authorities say at least one of the train cars that derailed and exploded this morning in Kentucky was carrying liquid propane.

The fire produced a massive column of black smoke in the mostly rural area south of Louisville. There have been no reports of injuries, but authorities have evacuated nearby homes, businesses and an elementary school.

An 18-mile stretch of a nearby interstate was also shut down because of the fire. Television footage shows several blazing cars stacked across the rail lines and flaming liquid flowing down ditches from the mangled tanker cars.

One witness says that he had "never seen such a fire."

A CSX spokesman says the train, with four locomotives and 80 cars, was headed to Louisville from Birmingham, Alabama. He says at least three cars were carrying liquid propane gas.

It isn't yet known what caused the derailment.

Watch: Train Derailment Leads to Massive Fire

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