Researchers Hunt for Civil War Graves

Knoxville (AP) -- Amateur historians say they think a Confederate burial ground lies near Knoxville College.

University of Tennessee archaeological researchers are mapping the area with ground-penetrating radar, looking for any disturbances that could indicate graves.

The property belongs to the City of Knoxville and is believed to be where Camp Van Dorn stood in the early part of the civil war.

Knoxville was in confederate hands then, though it would later be under union control.

Shawnee, Colorado, historian Gary Goodson says more than 150 members of Georgia Confederate groups died at the camp, where they had been sent for training.

Maryville amateur historian Charley Monday says from studying letters and diaries, it appears many soldiers died of measles and dysentery.

A historical marker has been ordered to place at Malcolm Martin Park, near the site being investigated.

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