Utility Bills Slightly Lower Than Last Year

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Knoxville (WVLT) - With temperatures in the 60's one day and highs in the 30's the next, East Tennesseans are likely finding it more difficult to budget for home heating.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud takes a look at how the bills this year compare to last year.

Despite the cold spell we're seeing right now, there's still no doubt that we've had a very mild winter.

You may not remember, but December of 2005 was considered mild as well. KUB's average home bill then was $178 for gas and $99 for electric.

What about one year later? Those bills you have just opened or are getting ready to get in the mail average out to be $134 for gas and $97 for electric.

However, the comparison can't be based on usage alone; rates were cut 4.5% this year.

So does this drop mean we can we hope for even lower numbers when next months bill arrives?

KUB says it is possible, but since usage depends on what's going on in the weather world, Mother Nature holds the answers.

Regardless, KUB says that on days when it is sunny and warm, conserve! Turn your heat off or put your thermostat down as low as you can possibly stand.

The warm weather could be really good news for those of you who heat your home with oil.

Crude oil prices have dropped 15% in less than three weeks.

That means a savings of about 20% compared to last year.