Crews Prepare for Icy Weather

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Knoxville (WVLT) - In anticipation of this wintry weather, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is trying to be as prepared as possible.

Thursday crews are unable to pre-treat the roads because of rainfall, but because the weekend forecast looks like it will bring some snow, crews are getting ready.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation uses local and national weather forecasts as well as their own to make judgment calls on upcoming weather.

Because TDOT did not use much of their salt supply last year, they have an adequate amount this year. The supplies were replenished in the fall, and the salt bins are full.

They say it's too early right now to tell if weather will cause problems this weekend, but in the next 24 to 36 hours they'll have a better idea of what we'll get.

"We've got all of our chemicals in place and people in place so we're ready for an event if it does occur," says TDOT ASSISTANT REGIONAL DIRECTOR Steve Borden.

Over the weekend, if you see crews out working, be cautious and give them a little bit of room. Stay back the 100 feet for your safety.

And as always, drive safely.

Give yourself plenty of time when you head out the door and take your time on the roads.

Always make sure to be safe on bridges and overpasses that freeze first.