Deadly Weekend in Iraq: 25 Soldiers and a Marine Killed in Separate Incidents

Knoxville (WVLT) - A day after 26 of our soldiers and marines died in several attacks in Iraq, a bomb attack has killed six Iraqi civilians

It happened Sunday in a Shiite area of Baghdad.

Ten people were wounded.

Police say the bus on a run when the bomb went off.

Investigators say a passenger left the bomb in a bag, and got off before it exploded.

An American soldier has died in a roadside bomb attack northeast of Baghdad.

Saturday, the military reported four U. S. soldiers and a marine were killed in combat in Anbar province.

Twelve soldiers died when their blackhawk helicopter crashed northeast of Baghdad.

In a separate attack five soldiers were killed in a militant attack in Karbala and two more in roadside bombings.

Saturday was the deadliest day for our troops in Iraq, in two years.