KARM Opens Doors for Cold Night

Knoxville (WVLT) - The temperatures weren't quite as cold last night as they were over the weekend, but still Knox Area Rescue Ministries says they were occupied well above capacity again Monday night.

Danita Lea with KARM says an influx of people seeking shelter is directly associated with the weather.

On any given night, KARM is able to house about 200 men and 40 women.

Monday night, about 225 men sought shelter while just as many women were looking for a place to rest their head.

Officials say they are forced to put people in the chapel and even bring in extra cots.

But they do it all in good faith.

"We're always looking for volunteers to come in and help serve meals so maybe that could alleviate some of the stress that our staff feels when there's an overflow in numbers," Lea says.

For information about how you can volunteer go to KARM.org