Marine's Family Discusses State of the Union

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The President's words also echoed inside the homes of local military families, waiting for President Bush's new direction for the war, and what that could mean for their loved ones.

WVLT's Kelli Parker had the privilege to sit down with one of those families the Simmons family.

There son's future is on the line.

As President Bush lays out his new way forward in Iraq, Mike and Holly Simmons know this could mean more time away from there son, Marine Sergeant Andrew Simmons who's on the front lines.

"If he thinks more troops are needed I know he's not putting anyone in harm's way that doesn't have to be in harm's way so it's probably for the best I try to give him as much support as possible," says Mike.

"That's what he signed up for he's defiantly 100 percent Marine he feels like he's making a difference and I defiantly wouldn't want to be the one who stands in his way," says Holly.

Sergeant Simmons left for his deployment back in September, a day that seems so long ago to his parents as they listen to the president, but the Simmons agree with the President's stance, bringing troops home would not only hurt the US, but other countries.

"I think the US needs to be an example; show them what it can be like hopefully be able to make a difference in their lives," Holly says.

"Be a determent to the whole region," adds Mike. "Obviously, putting more troops over there isn't going to be popular at all and for him to do that. It's well intended, I don't know the right answer, or the best answer, I do think he thinks it's the best decision he can make."

A decision that affects their son, and thousands of others across the nation, all families waiting for a reunion.

"I guess I started in July dreaming up what we'll do for his homecoming," Mike says.

"I'm just looking forward to being able to give him a hug," Holly says with a smile.