Parents Upset at Bus Stop Safety Issues

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Frustrated parents who live in the area, say it's an accident that could just as easily have happened to their children.

And one mother is furious changes aren't being made to prevent it.

Parents we spoke with say they've been here more than 40 years and there are only two bus stops on this side of Rutledge Pike. They don't understand why students like Tyler are forced to put their lives in danger every day to get to school.

"Well my dad brought me up to the bus stop and when we got up here, they were crossing the street," says D.J. Lusk.

Eleven year old Tyler Fawver never made it to his bus stop this morning.

"I saw him go up in the air and come back down. And when I saw he wasn't moving, I just started crying because he's one of my friends," D.J. says.

"The first thing I noticed was the backpack rolling down the road, then the car stopped up here, with him laying beside the car," says Jennifer Moore.

Jennifer Moore says she ran to Tyler's side immediately.

"I took my jacket off and laid it over him, rubbed his cheeks, started talking to him," Moore says.

And what Moore saw, she says she'll never forget.

"Lifeless, no response. Never Moved," she says.

The Knox County Sheriff's Department says no charges are expected to be filed against the driver.

And parents like Lisa Lusk say this accident could have easily been prevented. "He shouldn't have had to cross four lanes of road to get to his school bus stop."

Parents say their children have two bus stops on the east side of Rutledge Pike only.

"There's no choice," Moore says.

But Knox County schools spokesperson says that's not the case.

"There was a stop available on both sides of the highway. One designed to serve one side of Rutledge Pike and one designed to serve the other side," says Russ Oaks, Knox County Schools Spokesman.

"I would like for him to show me," Moore says.

"I do not know of another bus stop on the opposite side of the road that child could catch," says Lusk.

Parents like Lusk and Moore say there needs to be a bus stop put in on the west side of Rutledge, for Tyler's sake.

"And if there's budget cuts, if there's a problem, they need to work it in, in the school system," says Lusk.

"We should have to worry about our kids having to cross four lanes of traffic just to go to school, that's ridiculous," adds Moore.

The parents here are starting a petition they say to open the eyes of the Knox County's Schools and to get a bus stop put in on the other side of this highway.

But until they say students and drivers out here just have to be extra careful.