Pilot Travel Centers Looking For Large Supplier of Biofuel

Knoxville (AP) -- Pilot Travel Centers would like to add biodiesel at its 34 gas stations in East Tennessee, but finding a large enough producer is holding back the company.

Even a plant on the boards for construction in Wartburg won't solve the problem. Pilot President and CEO Jimmy Haslam says it won't produce enough fuel.

Northington Energy announced plans last month to build a plant that would convert locally-grown soybeans to biodiesel.

Haslam says his travel centers would need ten times as much fuel as Northington is talking about making.

Haslam says unless large plants are built in Middle or East Tennessee, Pilot won't be in the biofuels business.

The stations already sell ten percent ethanol fuel.

President Bush spotlighted the push for more biofuel during his State Of The Union Address this week.

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