Teen Involved in Bus Fight Appears in Court

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County Sheriff's investigators are still looking into a fight aboard a school bus bound for Gibbs High School Thursday morning, but they no longer believe it was racially motivated.
Thursday, sheriff's investigators said they planned to charge a teen involved in the fight with assault and vandalism.
But they hadn't charged him when he went before the judge Friday morning.
So the judge sent him home with his grandparents.
He'll have to stay in the house, except for school, assuming he's allowed back in school, until the law and the school district settle all this.
Sheriff's investigators allege that he, and another boy, possibly his brother, attacked a black student on their school bus, after the black student confronted a white girl over something she said.
But Friday morning, the bus driver told the judge it didn't happen the way deputies portray it.
The bus driver says its the old rule of the playground: You don't let any boy hit a girl, ever.