Staffs Work to Disinfect Schools From Germs

The flu has now hit Anderson County schools. Students in the county's school system got the day off today and they won't return until Tuesday while the school is disinfected. On Friday, Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford went to Anderson County High School where they were scrubbing everything in sight.

You have to give the custodians a lot of credit. Bleach was the product of the day Friday, and they wiped down everything a student and teacher would come in contact with in hopes of breaking the flu cycle.

"We use a cleaner through the machine," according to Barbara Ridnour, a custodial supervisor at the school, "then we squeeze it and rake it down."

The process is similar to the one used to disinfect hospitals, and its not an easy.

"It's a hard job getting everything clean and ready for them to come back in."

The job is a dirty one, but it is one that somebody has got to do. Seven custodians started scrubbing down the school at 6 A.M. Friday morning. They are fighting off the flu with the power of Chlorox which Ridnour admitted to using six gallons just that morning. The list consists of things students come in contact with.

"Doors, window sills, desks, door handles, and everything in the room, you just wipe it down, she said"

When all is said and done, they will have spent 16 total hours disinfecting the school from head to toe, all while almost a thousand students are off until Tuesday. The alternative however was allowing the sickness to spread around the school. According to Principle Greg Deal, attendance was down about ten percent this week.

"If we can keep them away from the school, there will be less opportunities for the kids who are sick to spread it to kids who aren't sick," Deal said. "We have noticed a significant increase in the number of kids that need to check out due to flu-like symptoms. We have had some kids throwing up."

According to Deal the sick days are taking away valuable classroom time and they will probably have to make them up though the decision has still yet to be made.

"Every day that we miss is a lost opportunity to get some things done," he said.

Just a reminder, it is suggested that parents disinfect their homes as well to prevent the spread of the flu.