Tyler Harber Papers Released

Knoxville (WVLT) - New developments in the investigation into a former Knox County employee.

Late Friday evening, sheriff's officials released a report on the investigation of Tyler Harber. At issue in the investigation, whether Harber stole e-mails, anti-wheel tax petitions, and health records from the county and if so, who ordered him to do so. According to the documents, Harber will not face any charges.

This a lengthy report and we are going to take some time to sift through the documents before we share them with you.

Knox County spokesperson Dwight Van de Vate gave this statement concerning the report: "Obviously we're glad to finally receive the report. The investigation has been underway since March 2005. It's almost February of 2007. In August of 2005 it was indicated the investigation was wrapping up. We've been waiting quite some time. We're spending the weekend reviewing the report, it's quite lengthy, and as soon as we can do that we'll offer a more detailed appropriate response."

Of course stay with WVLT for more on the story, we'll have much more on the investigation Monday after we have a chance to speak with county officials once their offices reopen.