Kentucky Suspect Calls TV Station During Standoff with Police

On Saturday morning members of the Kentucky State Police and Madison County Sheriff's department went to 2022 Berea Road to serve a warrant to B.J. Starlight, 49. Starlight was wanted in Hamilton County Tennessee for theft of more than $500 and aggravated assault with a vehicle. When he heard police at the door he told them he was not going to come out because he was afraid they would shoot him.

After an hour of negotiating with police, Starlight called Lexington TV station WKYT and asked them to come witness what was happening just in case he was killed.

Starlight told WKYT's 27 Newsfirst that he spent nearly 20 years in prison for shooting and paralyzing a police officer in 1977. He said the officer killed his wife and daughter, but no charges were ever filed against any police officers.

Since the shooting he said he had been paranoid of police, even admitting to having cameras around his home and car.

Authorities were finally able to get Starlight to come out of his house, but when he walked outside he was holding a butcher knife to his throat and threatening to kill himself. Police negotiated for a few minutes and when he finally put the knife down he was tackled to the ground and taken into custody.

Starlight in now in the Madison County Jail waiting for an extradition hearing back to Tennessee to face the Hamilton County charges. Jail officials said Starlight has been brought in before. They explained that goes by the aliases Michael Buford, James Faulkner, and James Downey, all of which he says are split personalities.